Sales People Don’t Lie by Roshan L. Joseph

One of the most vilified professions, the sales vocation is not known for its transparency. There is even a belief that in the ability to twist the truth lies a successful salesperson.

Roshan captures the sweat, glib and daring of the cohort through stories of valour, heartbreak and tragedy, reliving the challenges of sales people across the world in his book Sales People Don’t Lie. The underlying theme, however, is that trust is the core ingredient that keeps relationship going, and a professional sales system makes sales success legitimate and easy.

This book is a tribute to both the ‘pirates’ of the trade and its ‘heroes’. It is simultaneously a poignant appeal to let the profession and its people be respected for the great sacrifices they make in the rough and ready markets across the world. It is also a manual for sales people to embrace a professional approach and reinvent themselves.

About the Author

Roshan L. Joseph, a noted sales and marketing evangelist, has trained thousands of salespeople to successful careers. He is the Managing Partner of B-More Consulting where he promotes various international sales development initiatives.