Right Between the Ears by Sandeep Dayal

Right Between the Ears reveals the secrets that allow brands to open up hidden domains in our minds through powerful psychological triggers. The power of cognitive brands is not accidental; it is architected by applying recent scientific advances in fields as disparate as psychology, behavioural economics, social anthropology and cognitive neuroscience. These consilient techniques now allow us to peer into the soul of a brand as never before.

Marketers have created truly phenomenal brands in the past. However, until now, our understanding of brain science was not quite enough to explain why some brand campaigns become so iconic while others fizzle. This book provides a new lens with which we can deconstruct those successes and failures. It takes the reader on a rollicking ride through examples and stories of brands as timeless as De Beers, Mastercard, Allstate and Guinness, as well as modern-day wonders like Madison Reed, Allbirds and Warby Parker.

The book is called Right between the Ears because that is where the brain is. Psychologists sometimes say that everything about sex happens not where you think but right between your ears. Everything about brands, too, happens there. This book reveals all you need to know to build your own epic brands.


Sandeep Dayal is the managing director of the marketing powerhouse Cerenti Marketing Group, which has been rated by Forbes as one of America’s top management consulting firms for the past six years in a row. Previously, he has worked for McKinsey and Booz, two of the world’s top strategy consulting firms. In his twenty-five-plus-year consulting career-nearly 100 engagements with more than thirty companies-he has had a unique vantage point from where he could work with and shape some of the world’s most amazing brands.

Dayal is a marketing visionary, and many of his articles, including those on building trust online, creating digital brands and deciphering consumers’ behavioural bounds, have proven to be remarkably prescient in predicting major marketing shifts. It is through this work right in the trenches, alongside some of the world’s top marketing executives, that he has developed a practical and game-changing framework for building what he calls ‘cognitive brands’.

Title: Right Between the Ears
Author: Sandeep Dayal
Publisher: Penguin
Available: Amazon

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