Positivity and opportunity! That’s what I found Chatterjee’s poems to be. They reek of life, of people, of reflection. The recurring sketches are the constant reminder of the title and it is connected with the verses inside the book. At the end of every poem, you will feel like Looking Through the Prism Spectrum yourself.

My heart did dance a somersault

At the streak of sunrays above

Sparkling and glinting through the clouds

Again, as I fell in love.

Each and every poem is an unfinished feeling of a life that the poet still lives at times. There are some photos that go with some poems to make it more beautiful. The poem will embrace optimism and inspiration. The poems by Sujata will take you to the world where you just feel your innerself.

The themes of the poems range from ecstasy
to romance, cherish to hardwork and the
last section of “Destiny: Faith Or Reason” is truly refreshing. The poet’s
ability to touch a chord with his readers can be easily seen in her words. A
collection of seventeen long poems, this book is more or less like an inward
journey which takes place and the poet wants everyone to realise their actions, learn various things and
feel the corn and thorn of life along the way.

Talking about the poetic writing skills of Sujata, there is not much to talk but to experience and relish. If you try to find the lustre, you might not find in the words but in the emotions which comes out of the chosen words by the poet. The content is rich with proper use of vocabulary and poetic phrases.

These poems, I must say, actually talk to
the readers much more than mere text could do ever! In this beautiful collection
of poetry, you will also find the instances like this where the poet is
actually reflecting upon the positive view of this earth where things keep changing and all we need to do is feel and
enjoy every moment spreading positivity.

My favorite poem from this collection is “Come O Spring”. I loved the way Sujata has explained her love towards this season. We all know how beautiful the spring season is and this time Sujata is at her best in these lines: “The princely velvet on the hills, Hope abound in heart it fills. The merry lark that chirps and sings, Come O spring O come O spring.” And yes, there are lot more beautifully crafted poems which make this collection truly a must read.

So to conclude, the author has done a fair job with her second book as well. Her first book, “Flight of Fantasy” is a short story collection which already stolen the hearts of story lovers. I hope, I will be sharing my reviews on that book as well, looking for the review copy J. Sujata, this time tried poetry collection and she proved that she can do a fair justice with poems as well. My ratings: So if you believe me, you have no reason to wait for this amazing poetry collection. You can surely go for it even if you are not a regular poetry lover. I must keep my rating 4.5/5 for the collection by author Sujata. All credit goes to her command on literature and English language and for sure, her love towards poetry.

Author:  Sujata Chatterjee
Publisher:  Notionpress, 2018
Available: Amazon

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