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Penguin Random House India (PRHI) announces the acquisition and release of award-winning, bestselling author and marketing expert Rohit Bhargava’s new book, Non-Obvious Megatrends: How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future from the US-based Ideapress Publishing. This book is the tenth edition of the Wall Street Journal bestseller and trend report featuring ten bold new megatrend predictions that will shape our world in the coming decade. It is slated for release on 10th December 2020. Along with this title, going forward Penguin will be also selling and distributing the new additions to the Non-Obvious Guide series in Indian and subcontinent markets. The first book from the Guide series, The Non-Obvious Guide to: Virtual Meetings and Remote Workis scheduled to be released out on 15th October 2020.

Rohit Bhargava’s signature annual Non-Obvious Trend Report is considered a game changer that has helped a million readers discover more than 100 trends affecting our culture. With this new book, Rohit and his team of Non-Obvious trend curators will reveal ten revolutionary megatrends that are transforming our lives. Readers can expect a myriad of topics to be addressed in this book, from inconspicuous developments to remarkable innovations in business, technology, society and every other facet of life. This revised tenth anniversary edition of the Non-Obvious series will also offer an unprecedented look behind the scenes, at the author’s signature Haystack method for identifying trends. It will attempt to guide readers to curate and predict trends, and inspire them to grow businesses, revolutionize organizations, expand personal horizons and become non-obvious thinkers.

Commenting on the acquisition of this title, Nandan Jha, senior vice president, product and sales, PRHI, says, ‘Non-Obvious Megatrends is beyond a business or strategy book. It is an insight into the potential of prediction and its impact on transforming businesses and people. This is an exciting addition to our robust business and economic genre, and we are excited to sign Rohit Bhargava and bring his book to a wider audience. We hope readers will not only enjoy reading this book but also find it useful, actionable and impactful when it comes to their lives and organizations.’

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About the author

In addition to being an award-winning author, Rohit Bhargava is an innovation and marketing expert, and the founder of the Non-Obvious Company. He spent fifteen years as a marketing strategist for Ogilvy and Leo Burnett, is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of six business books and also teaches marketing and innovation at Georgetown University. He is also the winner of seven international book awards, besides being selected as a finalist for the Berry-AMA Book Prize sponsored by the American Marketing Association.

“Since releasing Non-Obvious Megatrends earlier this year, we have been blown away by the global interest in the topic and all the trends we presented. After the pandemic, the insights from our decade long research efforts to understand human behaviors and their impact on business has become even more relevant. I’m thrilled to be partnering with the team at Penguin Random House to bring this new edition of the book, along with a completely updated introduction, to the Indian market.”, says

Rohit Bhargava

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