Penguin to Publish India’s Most Fearless 2: More Military Stories of Unimaginable Courage and Sacrifice

The highly anticipated sequel to India’s Most Fearless bring more stories of courage and patriotism

New Delhi, May 2019: Penguin Random House India announces that India’s Most Fearless 2 by Rahul Singh and Shiv Aroor is set to release in June 2019. With an exclusive account of the Balakot airstrikes, this is a highly anticipated sequel to the successful book – India’s Most Fearless, which was launched in 2017 and sold around 40,000 copies. India’s Most Fearless will be published under the Ebury imprint and is already available for pre-order on e-commerce websites.

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Once again, journalists and writers Rahul Singh and Shiv Aroor come together to share untold narrative of the biggest recent anti-terror operations by the Indian army. Taking first-hand reports of the most riveting anti-terror encounters in the wake of the 2016 surgical strikes, this book is an essential read for those who keenly follow military’s heroic efforts to protect the nation. The book brings together stories from different angles, be it the men who hunted terrorists in a magical Kashmir forest where day turns to night, a pair of young Navy men who gave their all to save their entire submarine crew, the Air Force commando who wouldn’t sleep until he had avenged his buddies, the tax babu who found his soul in a terrifying Special Forces assault on Pakistani terrorists, and many more. India’s Most Fearless 2 is a collective of fourteen more stories of astonishing fearlessness, and highlights the personal bravery that Indian military men display in the line of duty.

Swati Chopra, senior commissioning editor, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘India’s Most Fearless 2 brings to us more true stories of indomitable courage from our armed forces, ones that move and inspire in equal measure. I can guarantee both goosebumps and a lump in the throat while reading them! The writing is taut and gripping as it takes us to ground zero where the action takes place, and then zooms back to look at the larger perspective. I feel truly honoured to have worked on both the first and now the second book in the India’s Most Fearless series with Shiv and Rahul.’

Co-author Rahul Singh, who covered defence and military affairs at the Hindustan Times for over a decade, says, ‘Readers of India’s Most Fearless have frequently told us that the accounts in our book immortalise armed forces heroes who would otherwise remain largely unknown outside the military. That’s one of the searing reasons why writing Part 2 hasn’t just been a work of authorship, but with an overwhelming sense of duty. We have no doubt that these stories have a life of their own.’

Shiv Aroor, an editor and anchor with India Today television and co-author of the book says, ‘We were astonished by the interest and readership of India’s Most Fearless — we knew that readers wanted stories about military heroes, but we weren’t prepared for that level of interest and hunger for such tales. We’re very pleased to open Part 2 with an account of the Indian Air Force’s airstrikes in Balakot, though the core of our book takes things much deeper, with even more detailed, up-close accounts of military heroes.’

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About the Authors

Shiv Aroor is an editor and anchor with India Today television, with experience of over a decade covering the Indian military. He has reported from conflict zones that include Kashmir, India’s Northeast, Sri Lanka and Libya. For the latter, he won two awards for war reporting. As a political reporter on TV, he was also recently awarded for his coverage of the 2018 state elections in his home state, Karnataka. Aroor also runs the popular award-winning military news and analysis site, Livefist, on which he frequently tells the stories of India’s military heroes.

Rahul Singh has covered defence and military affairs at the Hindustan Times for over a decade, in a career spanning twenty years. Apart from extensive and deep reporting from the world of the Indian military, including several newsbreaks that have set the national news agenda over the years, Singh has reported from conflict zones including Kashmir, the North-east and war-torn Congo.

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