Penguin to Publish Beast by Krishna Udaysankar

Penguin Random House India announces the launch of the brand new book Beast by Krishna Udayasankar this March.

Her latest book, Beast is positioned as a must-read for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced well-written book, across a variety of genre interests. The book is an urban fantasy thriller inspired by India’s rich lore and myths, and will be a definitive addition to the rising body of fantasy fiction in the region. The book has also been auctioned for screen even before its release, making Krishna one of the rare authors whose every book so far has been optioned. Here’s a brief about the upcoming book-

When Assistant Commissioner of Police Aditi Kashyap is called upon to solve a gruesome triple homicide in a Mumbai suburb, she is dragged into the terrifying world of the Saimhas—werelions—who have lived alongside humans, hiding amongst them, since ancient times.

Faced with the unbelievable, Aditi has no choice but to join hands with Prithvi, an Enforcer called in to hunt down this seemingly otherworldly murderer.

But can Prithvi overcome the nightmarish burdens of his dark and violent past to unravel the mystery hidden deep within this secret world of werelions? Can he be trusted to save lives, or will he choose to serve a different, more powerful master?

As a greater conspiracy unfolds and the very survival humankind is placed under threat, Aditi and Prithvi must race through the dark underbelly of Mumbai—from quiet suburbs togritty brothels, from forgotten colonial tunnels to the lights and glamour of the inner city—in search of a dangerous truth.

In search of a monster.

Krishna Udayasankar is the author of The Aryavarta Chronicles (Govinda, Kaurava, Kurukshetra), Immortal and Objects of Affection. She lives in Singapore with her family, which includes three bookish canine children, Boozo, Zana and Maya.

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