Shwetambari Shetty is a fitness expert at Cure.Fit, India’s top holistic fitness brand

New Delhi: Penguin Random House India announces the acquisition of fitness expert Shwetambari Shetty’s debut book ‘Get Moving’—a self-help guide to weight loss and good health with easy and practical workouts and wholesome lifestyle ideas. Published under the Ebury imprint, this book is due to release in October 2020 and is currently available on pre-order on select ecommerce websites.

Erstwhile banker and now in-charge of designing the Dance Fitness workouts at Cult.Fit, Shetty shares her philosophy of ‘get moving’ in this book and shows how to incorporate beneficial movements and exercises into one’s day-to-day activities, without the added stress of taking time out for workouts. Encouraging people to become more self-sustained and in control of their health, Shetty will help readers design their own training programme according to their schedules and goals. Whether its weight loss, muscle gain or just better fitness, this book will be relevant for anyone who wants to see a change in his/her body and life. With workouts outlined for each day, simple illustrations to guide form and helpful tips about what to eat before and after a workout, this book will help people see results and become the best version of themselves.

Commenting on her upcoming book, the author ‘I’m ecstatic about sharing my journey and the very basics of health and fitness through this book. There’s so much to gain from moving through the day, being functionally fit and by simply being active. It definitely changed my life, and I hope this book helps readers too. Gratitude to Penguin Random House India for publishing it.’

Commissioning editor of the book, Roshini Dadlani, says, ‘Working on this book has been a lot of fun. The tips are so simple and practical that I’ve incorporated them into my routine too. I’m excited for readers to learn and benefit from the routines and core concepts that Shwetambari brings to the classes at Cult.Fit.’

This is Shetty’s debut book. She is a fitness trainer and an entrepreneur. In the past decade, she has been instrumental in revolutionizing the face of fitness in the country by making it more available, accessible and affordable through the largest health and fitness chain in India, A B.Com graduate with multiple fitness certifications, she has taught dance-based workouts on television, been on radio prime-hour shows and reached out to millions through her videos and training on the app, which is available in India, US and Canada. She enjoys spreading her knowledge, and inspiring and motivating women to take up weight training on social media. Above all, her aim is to make fit and healthy living simple.

Milee Ashwarya, Publisher, Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing, Penguin Random House India says. ‘The pandemic has forced us to prioritise our health and fitness like never before, and we all are seeking to work on our body and mind. Get Moving! by Shwetambari Shetty could not have come out in a better time. I am delighted to publish the book, and I hope it will help transform the lives of readers across India and the world.’

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