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A visual and inspirational treat that will showcase some of her best works

New Delhi: This pandemic-induced pause in our lives has made many of us desire a revitalization of the physical spaces around us. Bringing some much-needed inspiration to create new energies for our home life, Gauri Khan, Indian film producer and interior designer, is coming out with her first book about her journey as a designer and her design philosophy. Tentatively titled My Life In Design, it will be published by Penguin under the Ebury Press and is set to be released in 2021.

A creative artist par excellence, Gauri Khan has carved herself a niche in transforming personal and commercial spaces with a fine balance of elegance, luxury and functionality. Even before Gauri launched her interior design company, Gauri Khan Designs (GKD), she took up many passion projects that were testament to her innate talent, ingenuity and keen sense of style. From renovating her own home to now designing commercial spaces such as retail outlets, restaurants, spas, hotels, show apartments and various turnkey projects, her journey as a designer has been an original and exciting story.

Her foray into publishing, a coffee-table book, will give readers an insider’s view of her life and experiences as one of the most sought after and discerning interior designers in the country today. A treasure trove with never-before-seen photos of her work, family and residence, readers are in for an exhilarating ride. Gauri will also talk about her design philosophy, her quintessential ability to give clients a seamless lifestyle and space that juxtaposes the practical with the luxurious. This book will also prove to be a valuable guide for those aspiring to get into her field of work and people who want to learn about design in general.

Commenting on the upcoming book, Gauri Khan says, ‘I am extremely pleased to work with Penguin on this coffee-table book. There are several experiences in my journey as a designer that I would like to record for posterity. The book will be very visually appealing with exclusive pictures and information that I feel could guide aspiring designers or those who are just generally interested in the art of design. The lockdown has given me time to work on this coffee-table book and I will be extremely happy to see it published soon.’

Milee Ashwarya, publisher, Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘The pandemic has brought several learnings, and it has forced us to slow down, look around and ponder. As most of us are working from home there is renewed interest in creating our own happy space to keep us positive and motivated through these trying times. I am delighted that Gauri Khan has decided to share her design philosophy and open up her home for all the readers. I am excited to be working on the book, and I look forward to publishing it.’

About the author

Gauri Khan is known for her eclectic taste in transforming spaces and has been making waves with her designs. She is at the top of her game as the founder and chief executive officer of Gauri Khan Designs (GKD). She has established herself as a designer who can work across a wide range of projects with equal elan. Gauri

Khan is also the go-to interior designer for some of the most notable names in the Indian film industry and various business personalities.

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