Penguin India Upcoming Release – Saraswati Puja by Kavita and ADAM by Hareesh

February 5th- Saraswati Puja

Sarasvati’s Gift is the story of Saraswati, the Goddess of art, music and knowledge, told in the voices of nameless celestials, powerful gods and lesser mortals. As these peripheral figures and silent catalysts take centre stage, we get a glimpse of  a remarkable woman and her remarkable story, obscured and buried beneath myths and legends.

Author Kavita Kane says, ‘Saraswati as a woman is completely fascinating—sharp, tough and uncompromising. As a goddess, there is none like her: stubborn, cerebral, eloquent, the original rebel who fights her battles without weapons but with her wit and quick tongue. The story idea originated from my own ignorance: for a very long time, I did not know she was the consort of Brahma. You see her serene and stately, in sheer ivory with her book and veena, rarely with her husband by her side like Shiva–Parvati or Lakshmi– Narayan. She is like a whimsical loner, who prefers her own company and values her own opinions over those of others; this picture of her kept strongly building in my mind till I knew I had to write on her!’

Kavita Kane is the bestselling author of six novels, and today, she  is considered a revolutionary force in Indian writing, mainly because she introduced a feminist perspective where it was most needed: in Indian mythology.

ADAM by S Hareesh

Sharply Satrical and Startlingly humorous mixed with astute social observation. A masterly collection of short stories filled with satire and black humour by award-winning author S. Hareesh.
S. Hareesh’s Adam presents nine unusual stories about ordinary people, their passions, and their diverse destinies in a world where humans, animals and nature collide and conflict, but also console each other.
The stories explore the more difficult of human emotions – lust, anger, jealousy, vengeance, greed – in a non-judgmental yet detached manner.

Hareesh’s unique style of storytelling that mixes astute social observation with an irreverent and sarcastic tone makes these stories invigorating and pushes the craft of the short story to new and refreshing realms

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