Paul Kiparsky Awarded for His Outstanding Contribution in Linguistic

Paul Kiparsky

The British Academy bestows the distinguished Neil and Saras Smith Award for Linguistics upon Paul Kiparsky for his outstanding contribution in the field of linguistic.

Kiparsky, a Finish national, has taught at several universities of high repute including Stanford University and MIT, where he himself studied linguistics.

He did wide research on phonology, morphology, historical linguistics, metrics, and guided a large number of linguistic experts. He studies how words are formed, how the vocabulary is organized, how the meaning influences the syntactic properties in a language, and the values the speakers attribute of a language.  

He has written several books including Explanation in Phonology, Rhythm and Meter (co-authored with G. Youmans) and others.

Earlier he has also been awarded with the prestigious awards like Alexander von Humboldt Prize and the Swedish Academy Prize.

Kiparsky has an association with India as well. He has a sound knowledge of the Sanskrit grammar and language. He along with S.D. Joshi, deciphered the lost principles behind the Astadhyayi and wrote three notable books Panini as a Variationist, Some Theoretical Problems in Panini’s Grammar, and On the Architecture of Panini’s Grammar.

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