Not All Those Who Wander By Arjun Nath

Gehna Rai seems to have floated through the first seventeen years of her life and hasn’t a clue about what to do with the rest of it. She has normal friends, goes to a normal school and belongs to a normally dysfunctional family. In fact, everything about Gehna is normal-except she just found out that she’s pregnant.

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Eram, a high school dropout and math wizard, structures his days with military precision. Between trying to keep his Parkinson’s-afflicted dad from going completely mental and pursuing a career as a professional poker player, Eram has little time for much else-until a chance meeting with a girl changes everything.

Sometimes together and sometimes on their own, sometimes as friends and sometimes as more, Gehna and Eram journey without a map down a most unexpected road. Quirky and heartfelt, Not All Those Who Wander is a story of millennial friendship that is #litAF.

Title : Not All Those Who Wander
Author :  Arjun Nath
Publisher : Penguin Random House India
Available : Amazon

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