No Matter What by Rohit Dawesar

Yola Singh - 3

An ordinary-turned-extraordinary tale about the magic of love . . .

From romantic escapes in the beaches of Goa to witnessing the beautiful Manali sky lit up with fireworks on a Diwali night, Rishi and Mishika’s lives were like an exciting roller-coaster ride every moment that they were together.

But when Mishika disappears on the morning of their engagement without leaving so much as a wisp of a trace behind, Rishi finds himself alone and adrift in a dark sea of doubts and fears. Was this one of those pranks that Mishika loved to pull on him to test his love for her? Or had something happened to her?

Join Rishi as he tries to look for answers in an unforgiving world where holding on to even the slightest bit of hope is a daily struggle. Will he ever find Mishika? Was she even alive? What unbelievable things would his love for her make him do?

Join Rishi

Title: No Matter What
Author: Rohit Dawesar
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Available: Amazon

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