New Weekend Reads from Penguin Random House India

Penguin Random House India brings an array of new titles across genres for your indulgence. Choose your weekend read from books on business, self-help to biography, science fiction and mythology, romance novel, poetry and policy.

Brands & The Brain

Some of the most powerful brands are deeply embedded in our unconscious emotions and memories.

Brands & The Brain by Arvind Sahay offers an understanding of the link between the human brain and brand management principles as well as activities. It educates the reader about brain-operating principles and their impact on how humans perceive brands. It also analyses how modern brands are created by leveraging brain functioning. In a nutshell, Brands & The Brain explains the indispensable role that the human brain plays in creating, sustaining, and rejuvenating brands.

Get Job Ready

Millions of students graduate every year from college in India and are quickly faced with a problem- they do not have a pathway to a job or career. This is a major obstacle, not only for students, but also parents, the country’s colleges, and the entire society.

Get Job Ready by Vasu Eda is an informative pre-built career pathway to land a dream job. This book is a one stop solution that offers guidance on building important skills beyond the education provided in colleges.

From how to gain job readiness skills and experience through volunteering, internships, class projects, extracurricular activities to creating a cover letter and résumé, handling an interview, creating a LinkedIn profile, and finding a mentor, you have it all to ace your chosen career!

The Hidden Hindu

Based in contemporary India, The Hidden Hindu is a brilliant work of fiction that interlinks technology and Hindu mythology. Bollywood screenwriter turned author Akshat Gupta brings forth the story of Prithvi, a twenty-one-year-old searching for a mysterious aghori, Om Shashtri, who was traced more than 200 years ago before he was captured and transported to a high-tech facility on an isolated Indian island. The story proceeds to disclose the incredible revelations of the mystical aghori that could shake up the ancient beliefs of the present and alter course of the future. Readers will discover who is Om Shashtri, why he was captured, unfolding the secrets to enigmatic immortals from Hindu mythology as they follow Prithivi’s pursuit and adventures.

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