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Back to the Roots

Celebrating Indian Wisdom and Wellness

About the Book

What are the benefits of the Indian squat? Why do Indians touch the feet of their elders? These and many such ancient rituals and tradition are a part of our growing up, and in the absence of modern scientific certification, it is convenient to dub them as myths. But observation and deductive reasoning have proved to be the bedrock of these age-old and time-tested practices.

In Back to the Roots, Luke Coutinho and Tamannaah offer the rationale behind over 100 such practices that go a long way in promoting long-term wellness. Learn about traditional Indian recipes, superfoods and tips that provide solutions to a host of ailments like constipation, acidity and even fever. Join us on this valuable journey to resurrect our ancient knowledge and learn how inexpensive it is to invest in our lifestyles, improve our health, prevent diseases, improve longevity and the quality of our lives.

About the Author

Luke Coutinho is a globally renowned holistic lifestyle coach and award-winning holistic nutritionist. He is the co-author of the bestseller The Great Indian Diet with Shilpa Shetty. Luke was among the GQ 50 Most Influential Young Indians 2018 and the Times Power Men 2018, and received the Elle award for the Best Health Expert of the Year 2018 and Best in the Industry (Nutritionist) by Vogue in 2018.

Luke is an adviser and the head of integrative lifestyle and nutrition at Pure Nutrition, which creates pure plant-based formulations and cold-pressed oils. He is also the co-founder of GOQii, a digital healthcare platform that provides personalized coaching.

Tamannaah is a popular model and actor. She has worked in several blockbuster Tamil and Telugu films, and was widely acclaimed for her role in Baahubali which broke all records at the box-office. She has acted in nearly 65 films in 3 languages.

Tamannaah received the Dayawati Modi Award in 2017 and an honorary doctorate from CIAC, in association with KEISIE International University, South Korea for her contributions to Indian cinema.

Economist Gandhi

The Political Economy of the Mahatma, Its Roots and Relevance

About the Book

This book is a refreshing take on Gandhi’s economic philosophy. It provides insights into the hidden facet of Gandhi’s personality, and his thoughts on economics and capitalism. The book captures aspects of Gandhi’s thinking usually missed by those who are sure they know Gandhi. This is probably the first book on Gandhi that claims that Gandhi was not against business and capitalists. In fact, the author maintains that Gandhi was a Baniya by caste, and this is what explains Gandhi’s positive approach towards business, trade and wealth.

About the Author

Jaithirth Rao is an Indian entrepreneur He is the founder and former CEO of Mphasis, a software company He is also the founder of Value and Budget Housing Corporation, an affordable housing venture which he founded in 2008

​The Battle of Rezang La

The untold story of the heroic battle of Rezang La

About the Book

120 soldiers. 6 left. 5 prisoners. 2 escapees. 1 battle.

On 20 October 1962, India had been caught off guard in the face of a Chinese blitz. China wanted to ‘teach India a lesson’, and launched a simultaneous attack in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. Only 10,000 Indian soldiers were sent to defend their land against 80,000 Chinese adversaries In the war that ensued, India lost 4000 soldiers and 45,000 sq km of land (as big as Switzerland). The 1962 Indo-Sino war eventually left a scar that continues to linger in the nation’s collective memory Within this dark period of history stands resolute a bright spot, a strategically pivotal victory-the battle of Rezang La. On 18 November 1962, the Charlie Company of the 13th Kumaon Regiment fought off the Chinese at Rezang La Pass. Their valour not only successfully stopped China’s advance but also possibly saved the entire Ladakh region from falling into the hands of the People’s Liberation Army.Even today, a year after the Galwan Valley clash in 2020, tensions between the two nuclear-armed nations continue to bubble. And India must learn from its history to understand how it eventually thwarted the enemy back in 1962. From a former Commandant at the Indian Coast Guard, based on interviews and in-depth research, comes The Battle of Rezang La, the untold story of a remarkable victory and one of the most decorated Companies in the Indian Army to this day.

About the Author

Kulpreet Yadav is an ex-armed forces officer who served as a Commandant with the Indian Coast Guard for two decades. He was awarded the Director General’s Commendation for professionalism and dedication to the nation in 2007. As an officer, he completed his postgraduation in journalism and mass communication from Amity University in 2004 and management courses from IIM Indore and IIM Lucknow. He is a prolific speaker who has delivered speeches at schools and companies around the world.

Kathmandu Dilemma

Resetting India-Nepal Ties

About the Book

The vicissitudes of the India Nepal relationship, as told by a former Indian ambassador to Nepal

The first two decades of the new millennium have witnessed a dramatic sociopolitical transformation of Nepal. A violent Maoist insurgency ended peacefully, a new Constitution abolished the monarchy and established a secular federal democratic republic. Nevertheless, political stability and a peace dividend have both remained elusive.

Nepal is also buffeted by changing geopolitics, including the US-China contestation for influence and the uneasy relationship between India and China. As a close neighbour, India has been deeply associated with the seminal changes in Nepal, with the bilateral relationship seeing many twists and turns. This book examines India’s perspective on these developments in the context of the civilizational and economic underpinnings of the relationship, as well as the issues that continue to prevent it from exploiting its full potential.

Though there are several Nepalese accounts available, there are few from an Indian point of view. Kathmandu Dilemma fills this gap.

Ranjit Rae is a former Indian ambassador to Nepal He also headed the Northern Division in the Ministry of External Affairs, dealing with India’s Himalayan neighbours, Nepal and Bhutan, during 2002 2006 Since retirement, Rae has been involved in travelling, trekking and trying to make sense of the developments in Nepal He has contributed articles on Nepal to several newspapers This is his first book

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