Nalanda Theke Vishwa Sabhyata by Shambu Prasad Singh

The main aim of writing this book is to highlight and reveal the concepts developed, innovation, inventions and discoveries done by thinkers, astronomers, mathematicians and scientists of Nalanda University and its allied learning centres in the field of astronomy, math, physics, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, decimal system, heliocentric model of solar system, philosophy, medicine, martial art and religion which were buried under debris of Nalanda and its allied Universities after demolition by Turk-Afghan general Bakhtiar Khilji in 1193. People across the World and many people even in India uphold that innovation and development of these concepts and subjects were propounded by European thinkers and mathematicians, which is not correct. In fact all these concepts and subjects were propounded by thinkers of Nalanda and its allied learning centres across India. It is surprising and painful that credit of innovating these concepts is given to European and Arab thinkers – Copernicus, Galileo, Tyco Brahe, Keplar, Diophantine and Newton after one thousand years of the death of actual profounder of these concepts during Nalanda period, 500 BC to 1193 AD, till its demolition by Turk general.  Actually these concepts were conserved by Arab scholars after arson and demolition of Nalanda, propagated and utilised by Arab and European colonial rulers across the World. All the source of knowledge, books and manuscripts were burnt in historical arson of Nalanda International library and archives in 1193. But Arab scholars under supervision of Caliph Al-Mansoor had already translated compendiums, treatises, books and different concepts of Nalanda thinkers and profounder in Arabic language in 8th century. When Arab-Turk colonised south Europe the Indian concepts and treatises reached Europe. Arabs projected themselves as author of decimal system, different mathematical concepts and compendiums and Europeans recognised them as real profounder of the concepts. Till 1950 decimal system was called Arabic system but after revelation of the fact the system is now called Indo-Arabic system.  After colonial rule of European countries over major portion of World the Indian concepts became global. Buddhist monk, Budha-Bhadra, from Nalanda went to China and founded Shoaling Monastery which is international learning centre of martial art across the Word. After synthesis of different religious & cultural streams under supervision of Nalanda in India, foundation of Hindu religion was laid which was recognised by Muslim rulers in 13th century.
Title: Nalanda Theke Vishwa Sabhyata Author: Shambu Prasad Singh Publisher: Eviencepub Publishing ISBN: 978-1545716540 Paperback: 400 pages Price: Rs 495.00 Genre: Non-Fiction Language: English/Bengali Publication Year: 2017 Available: Amazon

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