My Romance with Food: Varan Bhaat to Biryani by Roopa Nabar

Food Expert Roopa Nabar launches her first book based on her incredible food and remarkable life journey

All India Release, June 2022: Gourmet Cook Roopa Nabar who has become a household name with her delish recipes on the internet, now turns debutante Author with the launch of her first book – My Romance With Food – on June 4, 2022, at Novotel Hotel, Juhu. The ritzy launch event that saw Chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Ranveer Brar, Pallavi Brar and Alyona Kapoor among others in attendance, also had non stop entertaining live-​cooking, health talks, recipe sharing​​ and delectable food from the Maharashtrian cuisine on its menu.​

The book beautifully intertwines some great recipes with the story of Roopa’s life, her childhood and how her love and passion for cooking was fostered.  It is a culmination of her food experiences, anecdotes from her aaji and aai, tips from travels and farmer market visits across the world, Chef Kapoor’s pearls of wisdom, knowledge from the internet and culinary books, plus her own discoveries from years of permutations and combinations in the kitchen. Besides traditional Maharashtrian recipes, Roopa’s book also showcases the best of her kitchen experiments with recipes from other parts of the country and globe.

Talking about the journey of writing her first ever book, an overjoyed Roopa said, “Through the process of compiling, testing and tasting the recipes, jotting down the anecdotes and smiling like a proud parent as my creations got clicked for the book – I revisited all my favourite sights, smells and sounds in my happy place, my kitchen! Now I am giving you an all-access pass into my kitchen and I promise, as you try every recipe you too will feel the love, elation and absolute satisfaction that I have felt. I hope you feel the magic of local ingredients like alsandes and aluche phatphate, the spice hit in coconutty fish curries, the inciting aromas of a majestic dum biryani and of course the comfort in each morsel of varan-bhaat.”

An excerpt from the book: “For most of us, it is the flavours that we taste during our childhood that we end up chasing and craving later in life. That’s why ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’, samosas from your school canteen and the little treats during summer holidays at your grandparents’ home always remain our favourite food, no matter how far we travel and how much we eat. Well, I am no different and childhood trips to my native village have had a big impact on my culinary sensibilities and hence also in this book.”

Roopa’s professional food journey began in 2011 when she participated in the FoodFood Maha Challenge and actively shared recipes on shows like Amhi Saare Khavaiye, Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana and India Food Network. That’s when her hobby had turned into a passion and she also began sharing recipe videos on YouTube. Today, she is one of the most loved chefs whose passion for cooking has created magic across kitchens!

My Romance with Food includes recipes of food that pleases the soul like – Sol Kadhi, Rushi chi Bhaaji, Konkani Chicken Curry, Kombi Vade, Kolhapuri Sukka Mutton, Mutton Chops Rawa Fry, Prawn Kalwan, Stuffed Crabs, Shevgasheng Dal, Mangana and a whole lot more.

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