Monsoon Reads from Penguin

Rain drizzling by the window, a hot cup of coffee and a new book in your hand; there couldn’t be a better combination than this. Penguin has curated a special ensemble of monsoon reads for you.

Dhanapatir Char: Whatever Happened to Pedru’s Island?

Written by O. Henry Prize for Short Fiction 2022 award winner author, Amar Mitra, Dhanapatir Char: Whatever Happened to Pedru’s Island? is a translation from Bengali literature by Jhimli Mukherjee Pandey. A rare blend of fantasy and folklore, it combines the elements of myth, allegory, and magic realism.

The island came out of the golden pot of Ma Kamala, which she gave to the pirate, Pedru, to rule. Dhanapati was the last Pedru, but he was now old and blind, unable to rule his island for long. He then gifted it to his seventeen-year-old wife, Kunti. Will Dhaneshwari, the new ruler, be able to save the island and its women from the lustful eyes of the administration? Or will the government acquire the island? Or will Kunti be able to cast her spell and get the old tortoise to float away with the island on his back?


Unsung is a debut collection of poetry book, by actor turned poet, Arunoday Singh. It incorporates some of his most popular work along with never-seen-before poems, where he delves deep within the self and probes questions of loss, longing, and healing – all aspects of the human experience. Through simple and short poems, often handwritten in calligraphy, and shared on his Instagram profile, @sufisoul, Arunoday Singh’s poems are intensely piercing yet calm and soothing.

Unsung is divided into four sections at large wherein Arunoday’s poems explore themes of the self, breaking and healing, the search for divinity, and the light and darkness of the spirit

From Stuck-Up To Start-Up

From Stuck-up to Start-up by Neeraj Kapoor, founder of Start-up Business Academy, a global initiative to empower entrepreneurs, gives millions of professionals, stuck in job traps, the inspiration, motivation, and know-how to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in a post-covid-19 world. Anyone with a dream to own their own business or become their boss can reach out to this book for some practical, doable, realistic advice on launching a start-up.

Bringing flavours from his own life experiences, this book is relatable, connects with readers, and answers the ‘how to’ questions that most people have but don’t know whom to ask. His debut book empowers readers to plan with clarity, make decisions, and launch and scale up their ambition. 

Where the Sun Never Sets

Set in the COVID-19 lockdown, from the national bestselling author of On the Open Road and You Only Live Once, Stuti Changle, Where the Sun Never Sets is a riveting personal account of unforgettable childhood dreams, turbulent teenage years and exceptional power of hope.

Iti is forced to move back to her hometown of Mussoorie amid worldwide lockdown to work on her first movie script. Iti’s chance encounter with her first love, Nishit, reunion with her estranged best friend, Shelly, and nights spent reading her well-kept diary, make her best memories and worst nightmares come to life. She has always run away from her past, but now has no choice.

Will reading her diary prove to be an adventure worth taking for completing the script? Will life be the same? Ever?

A Thousand Kisses Deep

A Thousand Kisses Deep by best-selling author of over fifteen thriller novels, Novoneel Chakraborty, is an emotional whirlwind, depicting modern layered relationships, lost love and how, sometimes, destiny’s plans are quite contrary to what we have been coveting all our life.

Humiliatingly rejected by Haasil, even after she thought she had him, Pallavi sets forth on a self-destructive path, seeking one life-thrill after the other. All she desires is to heal the wounds that haunt her every move, not allowing her to be herself. Neither can she forget Haasil nor can she reach him anymore. That is, until she meets . . . Palki, Haasil’s ex-wife who is presumed dead by the world. She plans a deadly set of events that catch Haasil, Palki and his current love, Swadha, unaware. As the dice of destiny is rolled, the question looms: will Pallavi destroy Haasil irreversibly using his once true love, Palki, or will she, for once, come to terms with her deep love for him?

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