MOMENT OF SIGNAL by Sreedhar Bevara

As a young child, Sreedhar Bevara lived in extreme poverty in a small town in India. By following the signals that are accessible to all of us, Sreedhar found his way out of poverty and into a successful career with top global corporations. In Moment of Signal: How Being Alert to Signals Can Change Your Life and Make You a Better Leader, Sreedhar helps you sense the moments of signal (MoS) in your own life to become the great leader you can be.

“Sensing MoS can put you ahead of the curve and is a must for all leaders.”

–Khuloud Omian, CEO at Forbes Middle East

Author: Sreedhar Bevara
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About the Author

From street vendor to waiter, milk delivery boy to door-to-door salesman, and eventually General Manager at Panasonic Corporation, Sreedhar Bevara is a life study on how embracing your moments of signal can help you realize your full leadership potential.

Sreedhar, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad also held key positions in LG Electronics, Dometic, The Hindu and the Tata Group.

Sreedhar also runs a charity through BMR Trust to offer “Bright Morning Rise” to the needy and suffering. He is passionate about the “leadership within us” and has spoken on the topic to world-class names in the region. Living currently in the vibrant city of Dubai, Sreedhar travels extensively and is obsessed with fitness.

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