Middle Of Diamond India: National Renaissance through Participation and Enterprise by Shashank Mani

Middle of Diamond India written by Shashank Mani, who is the founder of the Jagriti Yatra and the Jagriti Enterprise Centre – Purvanchal (JECP),  proposes a revolutionary idea – that India has long ignored its largest and most talented segment, citizens in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 districts, its Middle.
 The book reveals the hidden stories of those in its Middle who have been ignored owing to their location and language. By examining India’s revolutionary past, its culture, its citizens, its innovators, and its spirit, Middle of Diamond India illuminates this Diamond shaped India.

Replete with characters, anecdotes, insights, research and accounts of an annual pilgrimage on a special train-Jagriti Yatra, and an enterprise ecosystem established in Deoria district, the book outlines a new vision of India focussed on its rising Middle. It proposes a Banyan Revolution over the coming twenty-five years of Amrit Kaal, using the tool of enterprise or Udyamita that can ignite a national renaissance.
Middle of Diamond India argues that by recognizing and awakening the entrepreneurial vitality of those in small towns and districts, we can create meaning for millions of citizens and define a new modernity for India.

Shashank Mani

Shashank Mani is The Jagriti Yatra is an annual fifteen-day train journey, the world’s largest entrepreneurial one, to the  four corners of India in the company of 500 young leaders. The JECP focuses on enterprise led development in Eastern UP. With a B. Tech from IIT Delhi, and an MBA from IMD Lausanne Shashank has worked in both corporate and government sectors as a strategist and visionary, serving on the $5 Trillion committee of the commerce ministry. He has circled India fifteen times on the Jagriti Yatra, energizing 7,500 leaders in the process. A doting father, a proud husband, a friend and guide to the people of Deoria, Shashank lives and works in his ancestral village Barpar in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. He is developing his region through Udyamita, a definition of enterprise aimed at invigorating local economy and society.

It is currently on pre-order and is scheduled to release in mid-September across India.

Advance Praise:

‘The book’s underlying theme reflects a key shift needed in developing India. The “Middle of Diamond” theory will inspire millions of Indians from smaller towns and districts; a flagship manifesto for enterprise-led development’

R. Gopalakrishnan, CEO, The Mindworks, author and former board member, Tata Sons

‘Shashank has documented a Jagriti Yatra—a journey of awakening—a train journey through the Indian heartland that is an apt metaphor for his own personal awakening, and that of thousands of would-be entrepreneurs from what he calls the middle of the demographic diamond. Eminently readable’

Tarun Khanna, Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor, Harvard Business School, and director, Mittal Institute@Harvard

‘I have observed the Jagriti Yatra movement grow and look forward to seeing how this can spread to Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns where enterprise and employment generation are most needed’

R.A. Mashelkar, author, innovation leader and former director, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

‘I have seen the birth of this movement by Shashank when I attended the Azad Bharat Rail Yatra in 1997. The book is a wonderful summary of Jagriti as a movement for motivating citizens to build smaller towns and districts through enterprise’

Shashank Mani

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