This Mental Health Awareness Month Read Books that Heal Your Mind and Calm Your Soul

Mental Health Awareness Month

Do you get easily stressed? Do you constantly feel exhausted? Have you been unable to focus or be happy? This Mental Health Awareness month, pick up a book from the collection of Penguin Random House that helps you to transform and heal your mind.

You can create your handmade sustainable life and practise mindfulness through diverse activities, or you can understand how to train your mind better to enhance your physical fitness. You can learn to how to focus your mind better amidst all the distractions or how to live a happier despite your vulnerabilities.


This Handmade Life by Nandita Iyer is all about slowing down and practising mindfulness. It establishes the importance of de-cluttering and taking up simple projects that bring unadulterated joy. It highlights how finding a passion that can be personally satisfying and financially profitable, too. From baking and fermenting to making your own hair and skin care products, kitchen gardening, spices, and stitching, the book presents seven skills to enhance and transform your life. It provides an insight into how creating things with your own hands has the exception power to heal your mind, body, and soul.

THE CHEMICAL KHICHDI by Aparna Piramal Raje

Part memoir, part reportage and part self-help guide, Chemical Khichdi by Aparna Piramal Raje seeks to remove some of the stigma associated with a serious mental illness in an empathetic, accessible, and candid way. Its ‘seven therapies’ present a hopeful and helpful pathway for all those with a mental health condition, their loved ones, and their mental health practitioners, with the message that they can live with a vulnerability and thrive.

MOVEMINT MEDICINE by Dr. Rajat Chauhan & Dr. Darren Player

With a refreshing view on health, fitness, and happiness, MoveMint Medicine by Dr. Rajat Chauhan and Dr. Darren Player provides a creative and fun approach to draw attention to mental health and its importance on one’s physical self. It implores readers across age groups to understand the psychology of happiness, build a fresh connection with their body and look beyond the traditional norms of mental and physical fitness.

THE ART OF FOCUS by Gauranga Das

The Art of Focus by Gauranga Das aims to position focus as the fulcrum to help ease the transformation in a post-pandemic worldThe COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world we live in and has made humans question certain assumptions, relook at priorities, and adjust life according to the new normal in the twenty-first century. It inspires the resilient heart to develop a focused mind and better equip themselves to take charge of their lives and adapt to the new normal effectively.

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