LITTLE MISS MISFIT by Dr Amruta Kandurwar

Little Miss Misfit is the story of the emotional upheaval of Rhea, who apparently has the perfect life but always finds herself at the crossroads where she has to make choices between right and wrong, expectations and desires, commitments and attractions and finds herself a misfit amongst every one. 

Rhea, who is an upper middle class girl from Indore, meets Siddharth in Delhi  & moves to Mumbai with him. Here she finds a friend ( or more than a friend)  in Rohit. The rest of the story revolves around these three characters each trying to figure out the meaning of love and commitment in the big fast world of metro cities. 

Book Title:  Little Miss Misfit
Author:  Dr Amruta Kandurwar
Publisher:  Bigfoot Publication
Available: Amazon

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