Lilliput Land: How Small is Driving India’s Mega Consumption Story by Rama Bijapurkar

One of the largest consumer markets of the world, India is made up of lots and lots of small consumers—each earning and spending just a little bit that adds up to a lot. It is served by millions of small suppliers and is powered by digital infrastructure that does billions of unique and small transactions every day who have together built and will continue to build the world’s most watched and least understood mega consumer markets.

India is already the world’s fifth-largest economy. Unlike most markets of its size, India is, and for a long time will be, driven by lots and lots of small consumers earning and spending just a little bit each, which adds up to an enormous amount. On the supply side, these consumers are served by numerous small, agile suppliers who challenge large companies by innovating to satisfy their price-performance demands. India’s vibrant digital revolution now offers the keys to cracking open this infamously tricky market. Digital business models will be the future of competition as they harness the power of the small and create large-scale businesses in the years to come.

Rama Bijapurkar

Lilliput Land provides a ‘people lens’ to understand the paradoxes and challenges that dot India’s market opportunity, and discusses the drivers and shapers of its future. A comprehensive three-part framework of structure-behaviour-supply discusses the present and future of India’s mega consumption story, the most exciting in the world, with over half of its GDP accounted for by domestic consumption. Consumer India is ripe and waiting.

About the author

RAMA BIJAPURKAR is a business adviser, independent director on boards of blue-chip corporate and academic institutions, researcher, and academic. She describes her work as ‘bringing the “people view” to business strategy and public policy’. Rama is the author of influential books on Consumer India—We Are Like That Only: Understanding the Logic of Consumer India (2007) and A Never-Before World: Tracking the Evolution of Consumer India (2013).

Rama Bijapurkar

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