Lights! Scalpel! Romance! by Jas Kohli

Most surgeons are freakish. But, the ones in Nirog Hospital take the cake. Dr Nipun, the weird looking prankster and Dr. Nishtha, the swollen-headed beauty, join the   M. S. (surgery) course under Dr Ujjwal, a surgeon cum alfa male and Dr Anuroop alias Candy, a smooth operator. When all of them work together, it is a given that hitherto unseen situations and spicy conversations will be aplenty. Edgy patients and their relatives also keep them on tenterhooks. Nipun listens to the call of his young mind and looks for love but his advances fall flat.

Will Nipun be able to complete the course and attain a double degree, M. S. in surgery and Ph.D. in Romance? Lights! Scalpel! Romance! introduces the readers to the lighter side of the surgeons’ lives but alongside it provides insight into their joys as well as dilemmas.

Title:  Lights! Scalpel! Romance!
Author:  Jas Kohli
Publisher:  Rupa Publications
Available: Amazon

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