Life is a Gift by Azemina Dokaza Klobodanovic

Life Is a Gift

A Bosnian woman, through true life stories, leads the reader through her childhood and her life with touching sincerity. God gave her life, and all that followed was destiny. The book “Life is a Gift” was created as an upgrade of her first book “Out of Spite”.

Everything in her autobiographical confession is pure acceptance. She narrates. She doesn’t blame. She doesn’t require. She doesn’t expect anything. Everything is there: gift, destiny, choice, joy, and certainly a little spite.

With this book, the author wanted to thank in a way all those who made her to be what she is, to live, to forgive, to love, to give, because life is truly a gift! First of all, she thanks dear Allah who gave her life when it should have ended at the beginning, and then to her mother, a patient woman, a strong woman who suffered so much, but although ignorant of the life around her, illiterate, she managed to overcome all the obstacles that life has served her and guide her children on the right path. She is a true example of how much can be learned from an illiterate and uneducated person. Yes, it can! The book also includes those who left a trace in the life of this author, but also those who in some way gave it to her again.

Because of that I leave this book in the heritage to my descendants, to learn, to remember.

Book Title: Life is a Gift
Author: Azemina Dokaza Klobodanovic
Publisher: Create My Books
Available: Amazon