Key to Happiness by Khurshid Alam

Key to Happiness is a collection of eight short stories by Khurshid Alam, the bestselling author.

The short stories in this slim volume are very rich, both in content and style, and would certainly enrich the reader. They are extremely interesting, joyful and thrilling. Every character here throbs with life and opens doors to infinite excitement and liveliness. In fact Khurshid Alam has packed these stories with so much variety and vitality that each of them takes you to a new world.

A perceptive reader would love these short stories here in this wonderful collection. They would not only entertain him and excite his imagination, but would also take him to the miraculous places and give him true happiness.

─ Dr O. P. Arora, Novelist & Critic

The eight stories in this collection have common threads running through them: each of the main characters is on a journey. This may take the form of a train journey such as the one from Kolkata to Mumbai, a journey on foot to a family wedding, or a journey through time itself. Each of them is a journey of discovery. In all of these stories there is an event that becomes a significant turning point on the journey: the unexpected return of a family member, a mislaid address, a judge who didn’t get the justice he deserved when his wife filed for divorce, a police officer who catches his finger in a door jamb, a young girl entering a train compartment.

─ Neil Leadbeater, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Title: Key to Happiness
Author: Khurshid Alam
Publisher: Amazon (Kindle)
Available: Amazon

About the Author

Khurshid Alam, (MA in English literature), is a professional writer, editor, publisher, and technocrat. Khurshid writes poems, stories, and on literature and culture. More than 100 poems, several stories and critical essays have been published in various journals and anthologies in India and abroad. He has three books including Learn Markdown (ISBN-13: 978-8193554319) and Investigative Poetry & Other Poems (ISBN-13: 978-1499755718) to his credit until now. His book Learn Markdown is a bestseller on Amazon and has ranked at #11 internationally. The same book has been rated among 7 Best Markdown Language eBooks of All Time in the world by Bookauthority.

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