#Karma by Mehul Kaku

#Karma by Mehul Kaku is a beautifully written fiction book. This book contains story about Vanilla and the journey with pearl of Orca. This book contains 32 chapters with crisp and crunch which will take you through different stages of life. It’s about two ambitious guys in which Vanilla is the central character and others are Monty, Parth, Mohi and Kshama. When I received this book for sometimes I thought about its title but after reading it, I can say that the title perfectly suits the story as well as it’s whole content. This book is perfect and complete page turning for fiction lovers and it will insist you to read and think about the line which contains this book- How long would you hold on a dream and what happens if destiny paves it’s own way, away from it and I liked this line of the book. Language is simple and lucid and easy to read for all. But book cover may be more attractive. Characters and narration goes well in it. Awesome book written by the author.

Title # Karma
Author: Mehul Kaku
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications
Available: Amazon

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