Inflection by Nilesh Shrivastava and Pushp Deep Gupta

Career Arcs from Evolving India

In Feb 1999, a batch of 323 B-school graduates passed out from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, (IIMC) and stepped out into a growing economy. Today, 17 years later, they are roughly at the midpoint of their professional careers and at a key inflection point. Did they make the right choices? Are they going in the right direction? Inflection written by two people from the same batch, takes stock of the situation and looks back on what worked and what didn’t and then looks forward into what can. In this anecdotal book, apart from showcasing personal stories, career pointers emerge which can make sense not just for young professionals but also for any mid-career professional looking for examples of peers redefining traditional definitions of success and failure.

Inflection is not a book just about successful careers but one about diversity of career choices and that each of such choices could be a perfectly valid path on its own. Even though it deals with one batch of professionals, the career pointers and paths could apply to any professional.

About authors

Nilesh Shrivastava has been working in the financial sector for the last eighteen years and currently heads the South Asia financial sector investments portfolio at International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group, based in New Delhi. Earlier, he was with a leading foreign bank in Mumbai. He has also continued with his interest in writing and is the author of two fiction novels: “No Man’s Land ” (published 2014) and “The Second Hand” (published 2009).

Pushp Deep Gupta is Executive Director at Deloitte Consulting in Leadership Advisory, based in Singapore. Pushp is a career human resources professional and has eighteen years of experience in working with global and regional clients in the areas of Talent and Leadership consulting.