India’s Most Fearless 3 by Shiv Aroor

Releasing this Independence Day India’s Most Fearless 3

This series has already sold more than a lakh copies.
This book includes exclusive first-hand account of the 2020 Galwan clash in Ladakh
First-hand accounts from the bravehearts themselves, their colleagues, families and those who were in combat with them, to provide a comprehensive picture of what it takes to be a real-life hero
The book includes tales of courage in the face of life-threatening situations from all three forces – army, navy, air force

About the Book

An army medic who went beyond the call of duty amid a frenzy of treacherous bloodletting in Ladakh’s Galwan while his fellow soldiers fought the Chinese to death; the crew of an Indian Navy destroyer that put everything on the line to rescue hundreds from Cyclone Tauktae in the Arabian Sea; an Indian Air Force pilot who ejected from his doomed fighter less than two seconds before it hit the ground, only to find he was missing a leg. This book presents their accounts, or of those who were with them in their final moments. India’s Most Fearless 3 features ten true stories of extraordinary courage and fearlessness, providing glimpses of the heroism Indian soldiers have displayed in unthinkably hostile conditions and under grave provocation.

About the Author

Shiv Aroor is executive editor and anchor with India Today TV and has covered the Indian military for nearly two decades. He has reported from conflict zones that include Kashmir, India’s North-east, Sri Lanka and Libya. For the latter, he won two awards for war reporting. Shiv also runs the popular award-winning military news and analysis site Livefist, on which he frequently tells the stories of India’s military heroes.

Rahul Singh is a senior associate editor with Hindustan Times and has covered defence and military affairs for over two decades. Apart from extensive and deep reporting from the world of Indian military, including several newsbreaks that have set the national news agenda over the years, Rahul has reported from conflict zones including Kashmir, India’s North-east and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The first story on the ongoing India-China border conflict appeared under his byline in 2020.

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