Indian Foreign Policy: An Overview by Harsh V. Pant

India now plays an important role on the global stage. Its political clout has increased, along with its economic and military growth. Considered a balancing power in the Asia-Pacific region, it is also seen as a democratically in the West, even as it challenges it on issues such as non-proliferation or global trade. India’s rise in global politics has confounded policy-makers and observers alike. However, while India is more confident of its capabilities than in the past, it remains unsure of its role in the world.

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Title: Indian Foreign Policy: An Overview
Author: Harsh V. Pant
Publisher: Orient BlackSwan
Available: Orient BlackSwan

About the Author

Harsh V. Pant is Director, Studies and Head of Strategic Studies Programme at Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. He holds a joint appointment as Professor of International Relations in Defence Studies Department and the India Institute at King’s College London.

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