I Am Invincible, Thirteen True Tales of Courage, Grit, & Survival by Neelam Kumar

Have you ever been in the bottomless pit of despair? And then, through your own efforts, worked yourself up out of the pit onto the cliff in front, kept climbing it despite bruised knees and bleeding elbows until you reached right up to finally experience the ecstasy of the breathtaking view from the top?

That is the feeling I call true happiness. Nothing outside us can compare with this kind of happiness.

Here are inspiring tales of thirteen “Warriors of Life” who have done exactly this! They have fought bravely and not only triumphed, but gone on to build lives more beautiful than the ones they had inherited.

Allow them to inspire you towards new possibilities, towards the enjoyment of each twist and turn down life’s road, towards the realisation and wisdom that difficulties and overcoming them are what make our “passing through this planet” the most amazing part of our human experience.

Title:  I Am Invincible
Author: Neelam Kumar
Publisher: Fingerprint!
Available: Amazon

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