How to Be a Likeable Bigot by Naomi Datta

A Handbook for the Savvy Survivor

Do you wish to learn the craft of cracking woke jokes?

Or spend all your time on social media and yet give an illusion of productivity?

In this collection of satirical essays in her deft, inimitable style, Naomi Datta tells you how to survive various situations-from how to befriend tiger moms to how not to get a pink slip- simply by being ‘ordinary’. This is a book which celebrates conformity and tells you how to be perfectly regular, to blend in and be largely forgettable. It is a fine art-moderation. This book will hold up a mirror to all of us, and we may not like what we see.

Title : How to Be a Likeable Bigot
Author : Naomi Datta
Publisher : Penguin eBury Press
Available : Amazon

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