House of Stars soon to be adapted into a movie

What if you fall in love when it’s time to die?

Kabir follows the most beautiful girl he has ever seen into a mall. But there are gunshots and screams as terrorists storm inside after fleeing an operation gone wrong. Kabir and Diya find themselves trapped, along with other hostages. The terrorists make their demands and announce that until they are met, one person will die every hour. The situation begins to spiral out of control. 
Held hostage by fate, looking death in the face, it could be Kabir and Diya’s last chance at love. But, as they watch time run out, it turns out both of them are hiding secrets.

Secrets that make their love even more impossible.

About the Author

Keya Ghosh retired early as an English teacher at a girls’ school in the hills. Tired of confiscating trashy romance novels from the girls, which ‘did nothing for either their idea of adult relationships or their ability to write English’, she decided to take up the challenge of reinventing the chick-lit novel. She is working on a trio of novels in the calm environs of the Velliangiri mountains. Her early retirement also allows her to pursue her hobby of tracing the lost works of the early female Bhakti poets.

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