Homeopathy – Simple remedies for all by Mr. Mukesh Batra

Homeopathy- Simple remedies for all

“Homeopathy: Simple Remedies for All Ages is a handy everyday guide that goes well beyond day-to-day problems. It is structured according to the various phases of life and deals in depth with the various diseases and their homeopathic remedies. This book offers remedies that are gentler, safer and more in tune with human nature, for everything from the common cold, asthma, eye diseases, hypertension, allergies, digestive issues, hair loss, skincare, obesity, anxiety, depression, arthritis, diabetes, chronic aches and pains, to name just a few.

In its essence, this work is a bedside guide on what to do till the doctor comes. But its purview goes well beyond day-to-day emergencies and acute diseases alone. It is structured according to man’s various phases of life and occupations, and deals in as much effective depth as needed, with the various diseases – chronic as well as acute, that we face. For easy reference, the diseases are arranged alphabetically whenever that suited accessibility; in some other places different groupings have been followed. In both cases my intention has been to make it handy for the home practitioner. Remedies based on homoeopathic wisdom and tips from my own clinical experience are given in alphabetical order, in italics, and are described by their main symptoms. The lists of remedies usually follow careful and detailed consideration of the disease, along with its causes and symptoms. Sometimes, auxiliary methods of treatment, like diet and exercise are also listed, in addition to homeopathic ones. In this sense, I have tried to incorporate a much more wide-based aspect of usefulness into this book. It is meant to be a true guide.”

Title: Homeopathy- Simple remedies for all
Author: Mr. Mukesh Batra
Publisher: Popular Prakashan
Available: Amazon

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