Heir – End of Innocence by Naseha Sameen

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“Reviewed By Bernadette Diane Anderson for Readers’ Favorite In Heir – End of Innocence, author Naseha Sameen creates the story of an Indian princess in a distant past when kingdoms fought vigorously for dominance and power. Princes and princesses were used as bargaining tools to secure that peace and political power. Male heirs were sought at any and all cost! Princess Padmakishori (Padma) is one such victim of this policy. The tradition of choosing her own husband from a select few has been denied her for the sake of her father’s kingdom. As a very young princess who now has to pay the price of a family tragedy, she feels betrayed by her parents, pushed into a loveless marriage, and manipulated by others who have a vested interest in their own future. Not to be completely left without some happiness, she enjoys one night of passion before she is to leave her kingdom for a strange land with a man whose only motive is to give his kingdom a male heir. Then follows a life of learning, caution, manipulation, and imagination that leaves you, the reader, wanting to be carried away further by what is to follow.

Letting her imagination run wild, Naseha Sameen made a great effort to bring this fictional story as near to what the ancient Indian culture was actually like in reality. Attention to detail has been added, giving any reader from any background a flavor of India. The author brings India superbly to life for the reader. The author also helps the reader to get a basic idea of history and the families’ lineages. It was an enchanting and interesting plot. The pace was leisurely, giving the reader time to absorb the romance and drama. I was captivated by the character of Princess Padma. The theme that struck me was a princess lost in a new world. This a dramatic historical romance that fans of the genre will enjoy and appreciate. Heir – End of Innocence is brought to life in all its vivid glory. I’m looking forward to reading the next book.”

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