Green Humour for a Greying Planet by Rohan Chakravarty

Green Humour For A Greying Planet is a curation of gag cartoons and comic strips based exclusively on wildlife and nature, perhaps the first of its kind. At a time when global warming, wildlife crimes and man-animal conflicts are at their worst, ‘Green Humour’ is sure to provide its readers some much needed comic relief. A comprehensive and satirical take on various aspects of the natural world and the threats to its conservation, this book will appeal to both the scientifically inclined readers as well as the general readers.


Rohan … is gifted with the ability to convey hard truths about science and people with a skill that is rare and unique. [This book is] a must read.

-Dia Mirza. Actor and Producer, United Nations SDGS Advocate, Wildlife Trust of India Ambassador

Rohan finds ways to portray the most stark environmental injustices … I am yet to come across a more talented and effective advocate for Mother Earth and her voiceless children.

-Faye D’Souza, Journalist and Entrepreneur

About the author

Rohan Chakravarty, notorious for rolling up into a ball like a pangolin to avoid meeting people, is a cartoonist, illustrator and the creator of Green Humour, a series of cartoons, comics and illustrations on wildlife and nature conservation. Cartoons from Green Humour appear periodically in newspaper columns, magazines and journals. Illustrations from Green Humour have been used for several projects and campaigns on wildlife awareness and conservation. Rohan is also the author of The Great Indian Nature Trail (WWF India) and Bird Business (BNHS), and has won awards by UNDP, Sanctuary Asia, WWF International, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Publishing Next for his work.

Title: Green Humour for a Greying Planet
Author: Rohan Chakravarty
Publisher: Penguin
Available: Amazon

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