GONER by Tazmeen Amna

In this brilliantly written debut novel, Tazmeen takes us inside the restless mind of a protagonist dealing with mental health issues, deftly showing us the world from her distorted yet endearing perspective.The book is inspired by real-life events and addresses the inevitable struggle with mental health and depressive disorders  veryone has a dark, ugly side-some of us just choose to hide it better

than others. She’s a young woman going through a mid-20s’ crisis, trying to deal with th dark and intoxicating side of life with haunting memories of an abusive exboyfriend, remnants of a broken family and blatant mental health issues. Finding herself on a consistent downward spiral, she tries to grapple with the harsh realities of her existence and her incessant attraction to all things that are bad for her, which ultimately culminate in the form of a medical emergency as she overdoses, leading to a blackout in the middle of a unfamiliar place, a very public meltdown and a broken leg.

With no job, a failing art career, months of expensive therapy, a cast on her leg and a mystery man in her life, will she be able to recover from her embarrassing wastefulness?

Can she defeat her infamous trait of self-sabotage and manoeuvre her way through some hard-hitting truths?

Title : GONER
Author :  Tazmeen Amna
Publisher :  Penguin Random House
Available: Amazon

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