Global Media & Information Literacy Awards 2021

New Delhi/NCR, October, 2021: The most awaited Global Media & Information Literacy Awards 2021 has already kick-started with a great zeal. Led by UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance and the International Steering Committee, these awards are presented every year at the Global MIL Week feature conference. The Global Media and Information Literacy Awards recognizes information/library, media and technology specialists, educators, artists, activists, researchers, policy makers, NGOs, associations and other groups integrating MIL in an exemplary and innovative way in their work and related activities.

Specifically, the ongoing awards are recognizing excellence and leadership in six sectors including education, research, policy, advocacy, media and communication, and information sectors. As a part of a jury committee, IIMC Prof Anubhuti Yadav, who recently co-authored Indian edition of Media Literacy: Key to interpreting media messages book developed under Digital International Media Literacy Project says, “It was a great pleasure witnessing some excellent work on Media and Information Literacy. It was fascinating to find out how people in their personal capacity and as a collective are furthering the cause of Media and Information Literacy across the world. What really impressed me was the role young people are playing in this movement.”

Not to mention, she is an ardent promoter of Media Literacy in India and has introduced Media and Information Literacy at different stages of education. Prof Yadav is associated with UNESCO MIL Alliance in various capacities and is a member of working group on Policy and Research.

Apart from her, other jury members include Andzongo Blaise Pascal (Central Africa), Emi Shitara (Japan), Rachel Fisher (South Africa), Claire McGuire (IFLA), Ruman Shikder (Bangladesh), Wallace Gichunge (Kenya), Irene Andriopoulou (Greece), Andres Palacios (Peru) and Christina CHAN-MEETOO (Mauritius).

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