Glimpses in Reality by Rajinder Bibra

Glimpses In Reality is a quest with inner-self and dialogue that the author Rajinder Bibra wants to establish with the people. The book is a biographical sketch drawn from realities, a quest after spirituality and scientific interpretation to everything the author comes across.
Glimpses in Reality
Rajinder Bibra has been writing in English and his mother tongue Punjabi for the last over 25 years. He has published 20 books, 6 in English and 14 in Punjabi. His writings primarily focus on philosophy and spiritual quest with a scientific treatment. His 11 novels, 3 books in dialogue and essay form, and one anthology of short stories in Punjabi have been highly acclaimed by littérateurs. His writing got him public recognition in the field of literature and earned him Haryana Punjabi Sahitya Academy award, Saint Taran Singh for the year 2007. His book Quest In Reality, in dialogue form brought his international acclaim. Available on Amazon.