From The Heart Of Nature by Pamela Gale-Malhotra

The amazing story behind the creation of a private forest sanctuary in India X FROM THE HEART OF NATURE

A fascinating journey of conservation in the unique attempt to establish a wildlife sanctuary

A book by the Nari Shakti Award-winning writer and co-founder of SAI Sanctuary, Pamela Malhotra

Coming from two rich wisdom cultures, one Native American and one Indian, Pamela and Anil Malhotra made it their mission to salvage what they could in Kodagu, Kerala, where years of coffee-growing had ravaged and denuded the land. Today, in its near-original form, this sanctuary boasts a rich variety of indigenous trees and plants as well as numerous rare and threatened species of animals, some found nowhere else on the planet.

About the Author

Pamela Gale-Malhotra is the co-founder and trustee of the SAI sanctuary, Kodagu, Karnataka. Together with her husband, Pamela has been on a mission to protect and preserve the last remaining natural wild places of the earth-especially equatorial rainforests.

Since Pamela received iCONGO’s Karmaveer Puraskaar in November of 2008, she has continued giving presentations on various environmental issues across India and around the world to schools, colleges, women’s groups, businesses, and others, including presentations on Climate Change, preservation of forests as watershed, and promotion of organic farming across Bhutan as guests of the Royal Bhutanese Government. Some of her most recent presentations were given to 500 cadets from India’s National Cadet Corps, and to an international wilding conference in Mumbai, as well as to the ‘Green Group’ at the headquarters in California, USA of IT Tech giant Apple.

The sanctuary is the fulfilment of Pamela’s childhood dream, with Anil transforming that dream into a living, breathing reality. The priceless ecosystem services that forests perform for humanity are irreplaceable, and include mitigation of the effects of climate change, as well as over half the production of rain that falls annually in the country. Hence, this Legacy of Life they have created helps to safeguard the future for all Mother Nature’s ‘children’ including humans, while standing as an inspiration and model for others to replicate throughout India and the entire planet.

Her environmental work as well as her efforts for women’s empowerment have been recognized by such groups as In Defense of Animals – USA, and the International Institute for Peace through Tourism – India. SAI Sanctuary has received the Wildlife & Tourism Initiative Award for 2014 from UK-based TOFTigers (Travel Operators for Tigers) and Sanctuary Asia.

On 8th March 2017, the President of India in conjunction with the Union Ministry for Women and Child Development presented to Pamela the Nari Shakti Puraskaar for Outstanding Contribution to Women’s Empowerment at Rashtrapati Bhawan. Then in June of 2018, the Chief Minister of Karnataka State where SAI Sanctuary is located awarded her the Parisara Prashasthi Environment & Conservation Award for 2017 to 2018.

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