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Sovereigns of the Sea: Omani Ambition in the Age of Empire by Seema Alavi

A thrilling historical account of the Sultans of Oman in the nineteenth century.

•       The book exemplifies a new kind of history writing tradition which shifts the gaze away from the Euro-centric narrative of imperialism and capitalism and focuses instead on the Arab Sultans as agents of change. This is a refreshing change from the way historical books are usually written.
•        The book makes an exciting foray into the ‘micro-history’ approach to narrate the story of the Ocean in more contingent ways. These micro-histories put more emphasis on individual experience, materiality and nature of space and time, thus providing a more textured perspective.
•       Keeping a sensitive finger on the specific temporal and spatial moments in the maritime space, it explores their key role in shaping the politics of the Ocean and nurturing the Omani Sultanate.

The ultimate account of the Sultans of Oman, their thrilling lives and political circumstances

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India’s Finance Ministers From Independence To Emergency (1947-1977) By A.K. Bhattacharya

From Independence to Emergency: India’s Finance Ministers 1947-1977 is the story of India’s unforgettable finance ministers who shaped India’s economy in the first thirty years after Independence. The book highlights the significant difference that these finance ministers made to the management of the Indian economy and to the policy evolution of the government, and who thus left an indelible mark on the psyche of Indian citizens. It attempts to measure the impact these decisions left, not only on India’s economic system but also on its political system, and looks at to what extent the decisions were influenced by the socio-economic backgrounds of the finance ministers.

A.K. Bhattacharya, AKB to every journalist, set the bar for business reporting as the chief of bureau at the Economic Times in the early 1990s, when economic reforms raged.

Full of interesting anecdotes, the book is the first in-depth account of the crucial role these finance ministers have played in the functioning of India’s economy.

  • The first book about India’s finance ministers
  • Analyses the role of each finance minister in the first thirty years of India’s Independence
  • Measures the impact of the decisions of finance ministers on India’s economy and policy
  • Analyses the influence of the socio-economic backgrounds of these finance ministers on their decision-making
  • Examines the relations of these finance ministers with their prime ministers.
  • Penguin Random House
Eating the Present, Tasting the Future Exploring India through Her Changing Food by Charmaine O’Brien

A definitive book on India’s food scene. Eating the Present, Tasting the Future by Charmaine O’Brien explores India through Her Changing Food

India’s food is one of her most remarkable features: its countless tastes and styles reflect the nation’s history, enduring traditions, and diversity of people and place. But it is changing at a rapid rate beyond anyone’s imagination. Eating the Present, Tasting the Future ventures ‘off the plate’ to journey through India’s contemporary foodscape to discover the myriad forces transforming what, how and where Indians are producing, trading, and eating their food. At a time when food and our relationship with it are topics of increasing global interest, this is a timely, and important, work, offering unique insight into a complex society.


·         What we eat is more than what is on the plate.

·         Discovering country’s contemporary food landscape.

·         The future of Indian Food

·         Charmaine O’Brien’s books have the status of culinary bibles.

·         Understand the forces that are transforming not just what Indian’s are eating but also the food’s we are producing and trading in.

·         Contemporary food trends and its effect on consumer economy and social status

About the Author

Charmaine O’Brien has been researching and writing on the history and culture of food and eating for more than two decades, specifically Indian and Australian food and is internationally recognized for her work on both. Her publications include The Penguin Food Guide to India, the first comprehensive guide to Indian regional food. Her work won the Best National Food Writing, Gourmand International Cookbook Awards 2016. She also holds a PhD in creative writing, with a focus on the psychology of creativity and creative development

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