Fiction Titles from Penguin International

Only Love Can Hurt Like This

‘Heartwarming and heartbreaking’ Giovanna Fletcher
‘Deep, emotional and powerful’ Milly Johnson
‘It swept me away’ Beth O’Leary
An instant Sunday Times bestseller.
Neither of them expected to fall in love. But sometimes life has other plans.
When Wren realises her fiancé is in love with someone else, she thinks her heart will never recover.
On the other side of the world, Anders lost his wife four years ago and is still struggling to move on.
Wren hopes that spending the summer with her dad and step-family on their farm in Indiana will help her to heal. There, amid the cornfields and fireflies, she and Anders cross paths and their worlds are turned upside-down again.
But Wren does not know that Anders is harbouring a secret, and if he acts on any feelings, he has for Wren it will have serious fall-out for everyone.
Walking away would hurt Wren more than she can imagine. But, knowing the truth, how can she possibly stay?

The Devil’s Flute Murders

An ingenious and highly atmospheric classic whodunit from Japan’s master of crime. Amid the rubble of post-war Tokyo, inside the grand Tsubaki house, a once-noble family is in mourning. The old viscount Tsubaki, a brooding, troubled composer, has been found dead. When the family gather for a divination to conjure the spirit of their departed patriarch, death visits the house once more, and the brilliant Kosuke Kindaichi is called in to investigate. But before he can get to the truth Kindaichi must uncover the Tsubakis’ most disturbing secrets, while the gruesome murders continue…

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Other Peoples Husbands

‘A gorgeous read. Beautifully insightful’ JANE FALLON
‘A fascinating insight into contemporary coupledom and family politics. A pageturner’ DAILY MAIL
‘Perfectly observed, a reflection of real life we can all learn from’ KATIE FFORDE
‘A frank and believable account of friendship and a marriage under stress’ ADELE PARKS, SUN
Sometimes friendship crosses a line . . .
A group of close friends, their bonds forged at the nursery gates two decades ago, have celebrated, commiserated and grown together: they thought they all knew each other so well.Until the affair.
Now a crack appears in everything.
Could one betrayal really destroy it all?

Much Ado About Nada

‘In a word: brilliant’ New York Times 
‘Much Ado About Nada is the contemporary take on Persuasion that I’ve been waiting for. Jalaluddin expertly balances explorations of family, faith, and love in a smart and authentic way. I am such a fan’ EMILY HENRY 
Once they were sweethearts, now they’re strangers.
Worse than strangers – practically enemies.
But will a chance encounter offer Nada and Baz a second chance at love?
Nada Syed is stuck. At twenty-eight, she’s living with her parents and mourning the failure of her start-up baby, which failed because of a double-crossing business partner.
Nada’s best friend Haleema is determined to pry her from her shell – and what better place than at the giant annual Muslim conference? And did Haleema mention that Baz will be there?
What Haleema doesn’t know is that Nada and Baz have a secret history. And in their chance encounter at the conference, that history comes hurtling at Nada, bringing a moment of reckoning. Will Nada find a way to let go of the past but hold onto her dreams?
Everyone is raving about Uzma Jalaluddin:
‘Warm, witty and utterly charming. I’ll read anything Uzma Jalaluddin writes’ KATE QUINN
‘Perfection! Uzma Jalaluddin is one of the best writers in romance today, and this gorgeous book proves it’ SARAH MACLEAN
‘Uzma Jalaluddin has a remarkable gift for breathing new life into classic romantic plots’ KATE HILTON

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The House of Doors


It is 1921 and at Cassowary House in the Straits Settlements of Penang, Robert Hamlyn is a well-to-do lawyer and his steely wife Lesley a society hostess. Their lives are invigorated when Willie, an old friend of Robert’s, comes to stay.
 Willie Somerset Maugham is one of the greatest writers of his day. But he is beleaguered by an unhappy marriage, ill-health and business interests that have gone badly awry. He is also struggling to write. The more Lesley’s friendship with Willie grows, the more clearly she see him as he is – a man who has no choice but to mask his true self.

As Willie prepares to leave and face his demons, Lesley confides secrets of her own, including how she came to know the charismatic Dr Sun Yat Sen, a revolutionary fighting to overthrow the imperial dynasty of China. And more scandalous still, she reveals her connection to the case of an Englishwoman charged with murder in the Kuala Lumpur courts – a tragedy drawn from fact, and worthy of fiction.
From Man Booker Prize-shortlisted Tan Twan Eng, The House of Doors is a masterful novel of public morality and private truth a century ago. Based on real events it is a drama of love and betrayal under the shadow of Empire.

Hello Beautiful: The Instant New York Times Bestseller

From the New York Times bestselling author of Dear Edward comes a beautifully tender, heartbreaking, and moving story of four sisters over three decades 

Meet the Padvano girls. Best friends and sisters, they are thought of as inseparable by everyone in their close-knit Chicago neighbourhood. Julia, the eldest, is the “rocket” of the family – she always has a destination in mind and clear plans for how to get there. Sylvie, the dreamer, is happiest with her nose in a book and imagines a life for herself other than the expected path of wife and mother. Cecelia and Emmeline, the twins, are the artist and the caregiver. From childhood, the four sisters complete each other, expecting that their family will always be intact.

When Julia falls in love with William Walters, a history student and college sports star, she’s delighted by the way her plans for adulthood are coming together. A husband, a house, a family. But when darkness from William’s past begins to block the light of his future, it is Sylvie, not Julia, who steps in to help. Suddenly, things shift. Dynamics and relationships, priorities and secrets – everything that was once a given no longer is.
Rich and vivid, heartbreaking and heart-mending, Hello Beautiful captures the joy, tragedy, trust, and betrayal to ask: what does it mean to be a family? And once shattered, can it be pieced back together?

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