Fault Lines – A Poetry Anthology by Gary Beck

There are cracks in our foundation. Undeniable fractures that divide society when we should be standing united. Fault Lines is a poetry collection that examines the disconnect, the unchallenged chaos, and the possible downfall of humanity. Much like his collections Civilized Ways and Perceptions, Fault Lines brings us through the delicate ups and downs of lives that will shape the future, and leads us down whichever path we ultimately allow.

‘Thoughtful,  densely  rich  poems.’ –Archers Crown Magazine

‘Excellent, chilling, sobering. Great work.’ -Six Sentences Magazine

One  of  the  poems  was  a  Pushcart Prize   nominee   by   Nazar   Look Magazine.

Harp –A Novel

Set  in  the  context  of  the  zeitgeist  and  idealism  of  the  late sixties,  Harp  is  about love,  longing  and  coming  of  age.  The three main protagonists -a young man travelling in a Europe-less-travelled including the Iron Curtain, a young woman who has  a  calling  to  music,  and  another  young  woman  who  has loved and lost once -provide the frame of this narrative about journeys  we  make  across  countries,  even  as  we  embark  on  a private  quest  within  to  know  ourselves  better,  and  to  seek what  it  is  we  really  want  from  life.  Moving  through  India, Europe and USA, Harp follows the lives of these three young people  even  as  they  engage  with  the  cultural,  sexual,  student revolutions, and the music of the sixties

Title: Fault Lines
Publisher: Winter Goose
Available: Amazon

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