New Delhi, Penguin Random House India is proud to announce the publication of the new and enhanced edition of Exam Warriors, written by honourable Prime of Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. After the resounding success of the first edition, this latest version brings forth a wholesome and inspirational guide for anyone who considers life an endless learning experience. Scheduled to be released in March 2021, the book is currently available on pre-order at e-commerce sites.

The second edition of Exam Warriors proposes a systematic approach to tackling challenges students face outside and inside classrooms, touching upon diverse themes such as competing with oneself, discovering oneself, time management, technology, gratitude and goal setting. Taking into account the effects of the pandemic, the disruptions, the uncertainties, the sudden shift to a ‘new normal’, this book has many new and relevant topics that will prepare readers not only for exams but also for life as a whole.

Presenting concepts and principles as Mantras, Exam Warrior has been an effective and inspirational pathfinder for students. However, this new version will also have Mantras for parents. Keen observations and thoughtful research have brought forth some crucial topics relevant for parents, such as the role of technology, importance of encouragement, raising awareness on mental health and many more. This edition will also have a special impactful address from the author and our honourable Prime Minister for the educators and teachers, thanking them for their service and sharing some insights that will lead them to give their students an immersive and enriching learning experience.

While announcing the upcoming edition of the Exam Warrior at the latest Mann Ki Baat episode, the honourable Prime Minister addressed the youth of the country who are preparing to take their exams soon. He advised them to become warriors not worriers, to tackle their exams with a smile and to be in competition with no one but themselves. Speaking about the book, he said, ‘The pandemic gave me the opportunity to take out some time to add new Mantras in the new edition of Exam Warrior. Now it has few Mantras for parents, as well as a lot of interesting activities related to the Narendra Modi App, which will help ignite the Exam Warrior in students.’

Author the author

Narendra Modi serves as the Prime Minister of India, the world’s largest democracy. He was first elected as Prime Minister in May 2014, leading the first full parliamentary majority government in India in three decades. His victory was propelled by historic support from India’s youth, particularly first-time voters. After presiding over transformative economic- and social-sector reforms that redefined India’s development journey, Modi was re-elected with an even bigger mandate in 2019.

The education sector has been particularly close to Modi’s heart. He is an inspirational leader for the youth. His monthly radio programme, ‘Mann ki Baat’, is extremely popular among all sections of society. It was in this programme that he addressed Exam Warriors, first in 2015 and then subsequently in 2016 and 2017. The three Town Hall–format discussions on exams, ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’, in 2018, 2019 and 2020 received phenomenal response from parents, students and teachers.

Previously, Modi served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014. He has also held key organizational responsibilities in the Bharatiya Janata Party, including that of the General Secretary (Organization).

Modi enjoys reading, writing and interacting with people. He is among the most followed leaders on social media, which he uses regularly. He also connects with people across the world through his own app, the Narendra Modi Mobile App.

Author: Narendra Modi
Publisher: Penguin
Available: Amazon