Equal, Yet Different: Career Catalysts for the Professional Woman by Anita Bhogle

Penguin To Publish A Book By Anita Bhogle On How Women Want To Be Treated, And Need To Be Treated At Home And In The Workplace.

New Delhi, June 2022: Penguin Random House India announces the acquisition of advertising and communications consultant Anita Bhogle’s new upcoming non-fiction book titled, Equal, Yet Different: Career Catalysts for the Professional Woman. This book is scheduled to release on 27 June 2022 under the Portfolio imprint dedicated to business books. It is currently available for pre-order on our website and on all major e-commerce websites.

In addition to this new title, Penguin has also acquired The Winning Way: Learnings From Sport for Managers, co-written by Anita and her husband, veteran sports commentator Harsha Bhogle, acquired from Westland publications, which will also be released in June 2022.

Equal, Yet Different is exactly how women want to be treated, and need to be treated at home and in the workplace. This book talks about the catalysts that are required for women to reach peak potential-conditions, people, or even mindsets at home, at work, and in the ecosystem. Anita Bhogle draws from the professional experiences and wisdom of a large number of women leaders and experts.

Talking about the motivation behind this book, author, Anita Bhogle said, ‘I believe “Equal, Yet Different” is how women would like to be and need to be treated at home and in the workplace. They are equal to men in terms of ability and ambition but different because of how they are conditioned and given the challenges they face. The book draws on the wisdom and experience of several professionals and experts and attempts to identify conditions, people, and mindsets that can prove to be catalysts for women to achieve their full potential. The millennials are lucky to have access to the experience of a fairly large pool of career women today. As a society, it is time we realise that diversity and inclusion will only make the world a better place.’

Commenting on the acquisition of both the books, Radhika Marwah, Senior Commissioning Editor, Ebury Publishing and Vintage, Penguin Random House India says, ‘Anita’s book is a landmark book for women in the workplace- a veritable combination of extensive research, illuminating interviews with women leaders, and astute observations. It has been an honour working with her and learning about the changing workplace and how you can succeed at work and in life.’

Milee Ashwarya, Publisher, Ebury Publishing and Vintage, Penguin Random House India said, ‘‘Equal, Yet Different is a book that every working professional should read, women and men. It is thought provoking and insightful and offers practical advice from some of the most accomplished and experienced people from the industry. I am delighted to publish the book, and I hope it reaches readers in India and across the world.’

The Winning Way was first published in 2011. A self-help book that attempts to answer questions on management and explores different strategies in great depth. With questions like, “What do sporting champions do?”, “What makes winning teams?”, “Who is a good leader?”, the reader is encouraged to combine their abilities with the right attitude and the passion to excel, so they can achieve the best out of who they are and what they do.

About the author

An alumnus of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad, Anita spent her early years in advertising, market research, and marketing consultancy. Then, along with her husband, sports broadcaster Harsha Bhogle, she set up Prosearch Consultants. Prosearch conducts sessions of ‘The Winning Way’-learnings from the sport for managers, a very popular speaker series for corporates. A book by the same name, co-authored by Anita and based on ‘The Winning Way’ sessions, has sold over 1,25,000 copies and is a national bestseller. Anita also founded Bizpunditz, India’s first digital learning library for managers. The library was recently acquired by Eruditus Learning, a leading edtech platform. Anita is on the board of governors of IIM Jammu. She is a sudoku and yoga enthusiast and an amateur keyboard player.

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