Emperor of Saravat Book one by Manoj Bhavnani

Emperor of Saravat Book one

“The battle is never over until the king is dead.”

War returns to the ancient land of Saravat.

King Vijendra of Vajrapur sets out to conquer the continent and become its first emperor. Standing against him is Vikrant, newly crowned King of Simhasthal, who seeks vengeance for the brutal slaying of his father.

The little rabbit, his people call him. Scared, timid, afraid of a fight. And his resolve is tested when Vijendra arrives at his gates with a large army, and the offer of a new alliance.

A hard choice lies before Vikrant. Accept, and his family and people will turn against him. Decline, and rivers of blood will flow through his land.

His decision will seal not only his fate, but the fate of his people, of his kingdom.

And of Saravat itself.

As a colossal piece of literature that captures a splendid war tale for the prized peninsular continent of Saravat, the book is divided in seventy-six chapters which prominently revolves around two characters: King Vijendra of Vajrapur and the newly King of Simhasthal, Vikrant. While the former is experienced, ambitious, fearsome and wants to establish his supremacy over the continent of Saravat, the latter is relatively young, inexperienced and contrary to name of his Kingdom is considered timid and fearful in addition to this he has no ambition as such and is forced to fight battle because of the inhuman killing of his father. Filled with the feeling of vengeance, anger and the responsibility, the two main characters take the central position for the mighty war, it’s not just a war between two people or kingdoms rather it’s a war between two ideas. While one stands for righteousness and values the other is driven by lust and power.

About the author

Growing up, stories came in all forms for Manoj. Aesop’s fables, Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, Archie comics, Enid Blyton, the Hardy Boys.

But the turning point in his life came at the age of fifteen, when he first read the Lord Of The Rings. The magical world of Middle Earth and its inhabitants transformed him into a storyteller.

After college, he joined advertising as a copywriter, and created many award-winning campaigns for some of India’s biggest companies. But the bug to write on a bigger scale was something he couldn’t shake off.

His first attempt was in 2012, when he penned the young adult novella “SCREWED!”, which was a minor success. In 2019, he wrote “Shadows In The Darkness”, a dark sci-fi novel which explored a world in which sharing dreams and reliving memories are a reality.

As the pandemic took hold of the world, Manoj quit advertising and returned to his first love. Historical fantasy fiction. And the “Emperor of Saravat” Trilogy was born.

The epic story unfolds in “Book One: The King Is Dead”, and is set in the ancient land of Saravat. It is a tale of kings and queens, of princes and princesses, of bloated egos and false honour.

Above all, it is a tale of the lust for power, and the depths to which it can push men and women.

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