Ekya Schools Launches Innovative Guidebook for Indian Educators

Creating Extraordinary Educators

Created to impart new-age effective teaching methods, this book is set to transform and reshape Education system

November, 2023: Adding a fresh dimension to the landscape of education, a first-of-its-kind book designed for educators, offering invaluable real-world experiences and practical insights, was unveiled during the inaugural Ekya FIND Festival 2023, a gathering hosted by Ekya Schools. Titled “Creating Extraordinary Educators: A Teacher’s Roadmap to Becoming Extraordinary,” this book is authored by Ekya educators and compiled by Ekya School’s Professional Development Institute, with Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy, Founder, Ekya Schools, being the guiding force behind this project.

Creating Extraordinary Educators

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Unveiling the book, Dr. A. S. Kiran Kumar, Former Chairman, ISRO, and Chairperson, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre stated “Unlocking the potential of education, this book is not just a guide but a call to reshape the teaching landscape. With a focus on nurturing the internal capabilities of educators and aligning them with transformative technology, the book heralds a new era. It paves the way for educators to navigate an ever-evolving world, fostering not just academic growth but a deeper understanding of human’s role on this Earth and beyond, I’m confident that this book will enable educators to inspire, empower, and prepare the next generation for a future where learning extends far beyond the classroom.” The book has 9 Chapters consisting of teachers, students, and classroom experiences that serve as a comprehensive guide towards creating extraordinary educators. The book was released across the Indian Subcontinent by Scholastic India.

Speaking on the book serving as a valuable resource for school administrators and education leaders seeking to improve teaching skills, enrich professional development, and make the overall educational experience of students more rewarding, Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy, Founder of Ekya Schools stated, This book will not just be a resource but a motivator for educators everywhere. It’s a reminder that teaching is a blend of art, science, and a noble calling. In a world where the bar for teaching excellence must be continuously raised, this book illuminates the path for both current and aspiring educators. It’s a testimony to the transformative power of education and a tribute to the dedication of those who shape young minds. With this book, we aim to embark on a journey to cultivate a new generation of extraordinary educators, who will, in turn, shape the future. This is an evolution of teaching and a commitment to a brighter tomorrow.”

In a world saddled with the belief that anyone who has been taught can teach, this book challenges the status quo and delves into what it truly takes to be an extraordinary educator.

The book comprises several chapters that explore the teaching profession, the evolving educational landscape, the challenges educators face, understanding students, and more. It provides actionable steps, real stories, and practical insights for educators. 

About Ekya Schools

Ekya Schools is a community of learners, thinkers, doers, and change-makers. By drawing on the legacy of the CMR Group of Institutions and innovative methods of learning from school systems around the world, the school was instituted with one aim – to teach students not just what to learn but how to learn. At Ekya, students are at the heart of everything it does. The school’s learning paths and curriculum incorporate international standards and research-based pedagogy. Ekya Schools believes in this approach because it facilitates a deep love for learning and clarity for the students in their conceptual understanding,  equipping them with real-world skills. 

The school has five campuses across Bengaluru at ITPL, BTM Layout, J P Nagar, Byrathi, and NICE Road. Ekya Schools offers Montessori and Kindergarten programs at the pre-primary level and IGCSE, CBSE, and ICSE options at the senior level. To learn more about the school, please visit its website.

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