Effective R.U.L.E.: A Life-Changing Process by Satish Shitut

Effective R.U.L.E.: A Life-Changing Process

Live life to the fullest-effectively

It is all about doing small things to get freedom from suffering and attain an abundant mental state.

Pune: Satish Shitut, the author of the book “Effective R.U.L.E.” is an avid golfer, an aviation industry veteran, a travel enthusiast, a leisure tour operator and has been involved in the travel & tourism Industry for over 40 years. Post his retirement he turned his passion for travel and golf into his business and has been busy for the last 10 years managing his ventures Rule Services, mygolfcommune.com and continues to enjoy his love for golf and travel.

When the pandemic-induced lockdown shut the doors on golf as well as travel, the writer in him used this free time to reflect on his wonderful journey of life so far and share the principles with all. This book is a product of those precious reflections, learnings and experiences. He also had the privilege to witness the life of his grandmother who lived 100 years of rich life in the most adverse circumstances. From her he learnt how to live rich as well as enrich others’ lives.

The book is all about a process and not single facts, based on four fundamental principles of Respect, Understanding, Love and Evolve (RULE) to write your own constitution and govern your life. The book deals with various aspects of life in a structured way from childhood to parenting, past-present to future, various circumstances, influences and how to deal with them using the tools at your disposal.

This process ultimately lets you enjoy the daily routine, constantly motivating yourself to live effectively and attain spirally upward growth.

The book starts with the inspiring real-life story of Sushila Tai Kashikar-the central character which then moves focus on to the reader who takes over the central character and learns to deal with facts/myths and realities of life in a simple and easy to read format. It is about a packaged eternal wisdom to be read, imbibed and experienced to evolve a clear understanding of life. The constant flow of wisdom, experiences and learnings from circumstances deeply to explore the potential miracles is the Mantra.

The quadrant of Rule and the process of Effective Rule is meant to change your life for the better, provided you become a programmer of your own life, write the script, act on it and evolve. Breathe love, respect your body, understand the complexities around and evolve an action plan to enjoy every moment of life and grow. It is a four-dimensional approach to use these four principles as your foundation to use your own four tools of mind, body, soul and spirit to achieve a four pronged physical, mental, financial and spiritual growth to lead an effective and balanced life.

Key to success: Love is a natural gift to us; the mind is our processor to understand ways to live life in our best interest and a combination of both these things helps us to respect things duly around our life and evolve naturally. “Life is the first gift, Love is the second and Understanding is the third. Respect them all and practice in every walk of your life to evolve as a good human being to be happy and enjoy life. Without respect Love is lost, without caring Love has no meaning, without understanding there is no meaning, without evolving there is no meaning to life.”

A handy self-help book with a “Noble and sensible thought process”, must-read for the youngsters, says Ratnakar Shetty.

Title: Effective R.U.L.E.: A Life-Changing Process
Author: Satish Shitut
Publisher: Notion Press
Available: Amazon