Eating the Present, Tasting the Future by Charmaine O’Brien


·         What we eat is more than what is on the plate.

·         Discovering country’s contemporary food landscape

·         The future of Indian Food

·         Charmaine O’Brien’s books have the status of culinary bibles.

·         Understand the forces that are transforming not just what Indian’s are eating but also the food’s we are producing and trading in.

·         Contemporary food trends and its effect on consumer economy and social status

Charmaine O’Brien


Charmaine O’Brien has been researching and writing on the history and culture of food and eating for more than two decades, specifically Indian and Australian food and is internationally recognized for her work on both. Her publications include The Penguin Food Guide to India, the first comprehensive guide to Indian regional food. Her work won the Best National Food Writing, Gourmand International Cookbook Awards 2016. She also holds a PhD in creative writing, with a focus on the psychology of creativity and creative development

Charmaine O’Brien

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