DR CUTERUS by Dr Tanaya Narendra

A fun and accessible guide to our bodies by the number one medical influencer and everyone’s favourite doctor!

With over ONE MILLION followers on Instagram, Dr Cuterus is the leading influencer in this field.
There is no other book like this in the market that appeals to all age groups and genders.As a trained medical doctor, she is the most credible source for information on the human body. It can be used as a guide in schools and other institutions.

The things between our legs, whether the vagina or the penis, often leave us with many feelings and concerns.

Is it long enough? Why is it so hairy? What’s oozing? Why’s it bleeding, or why is it not?

As John Mayer so beautifully sang, your body is a wonderland but in the land of the Kama Sutra, we often forget this. The words vagina, vulva, uterus, clitoris, labia tend to confound and embarrass people. Maybe even you, dear reader? And it is this hesitancy combined with societal shame that prevents us to seek the kind of scientific knowledge everyone must know to lead a healthy, sexually active, and most importantly, happy life. 

This is where this book comes in-a one-stop guide to everything you’ve always wondered about what’s ‘down there’.

No matter what your concern, Dr Cuterus has got you covered. 

About the Author

Dr Tanaya Narendra is an internationally trained medical doctor, embryologist, and scientist, who is passionate about medical education. After studying for a masters at the University of Oxford, she subsequently registered as a doctor in England, and committed to making public medical education her life’s goal. She is an elected Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society for Public Health.

For her groundbreaking work in medical education, Tanaya has been awarded Sexual Health Influencer of the Year 2020 by SH24 – the online sexual health partner of the NHS; she was also named among the Top 25 Disruptors of India 2021 by Cosmopolitan and was selected the Health Influencer of the Year by the IHW Council, supported by the NITI Aayog and Ayushman Bharat.

She is now the most popular medical professional on social media in India. Tanaya runs @Dr_Cuterus, which has garnered over one million followers on Instagram and over 50 million views on YouTube. She uses fairy tales, mannequins, fun GIFs, and hilariously relatable examples to talk in a jargon-free and scientific manner about complex medical and sexual education topics, all wrapped up with an inclusive and gender-neutral bow. In two years, Tanaya has built a thriving community that provides a safe place where no topic is too taboo to talk about!

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