Doing Business in Uncertain Times by Ramesh Nair

From how to prioritize high-growth clients to showcasing empathy,  to having the courage to take decisions quickly, being open to diverse perspectives, to the power of celebrating small wins and reviewing the risk-management strategy, Ramesh Nair delves deep into helping the young manager navigate through economic crisis

Ramesh Nair is one of the senior most professionals in the Indian real estate industry with over 25 years of expertise, today helming Mindspace Business Parks REIT as its CEO. He has held offices in the capacity of CEO with both JLL India and Colliers India, managing teams of up to 12,000 people, steering them towards achieving targeted results. 

Ramesh Nair

Doing Business in Uncertain Times by Ramesh Nair is divided into fifty thought-provoking chapters that present a unique and multifaceted perspective on downturns, providing instrumental guidance to entrepreneurs and business leaders through Nair’s extensive research and expertise. Shining a spotlight on three key perspectives: business, clients and people, it will teach you to unlearn and relearn, shun past notions, push limits, develop new strengths and realize the potential that lies within you.

In the event of a crisis, everyone looks to the leaders for direction. Ramesh Nair offers solutions on how to navigate that.

It is a groundbreaking book which offers a comprehensive exploration of the complexities and challenges faced during economic downturns.

Ramesh Nair

About the Author

A respected name in India Inc., Ramesh Nair holds positions in several committees that shape industry developments. He has served as a non-executive director on the RICS Global Regulatory Board, the Chairman of the CII Real Estate and Infrastructure Conclave, Advisory Council member for Telangana State and member of the RICS South Asia board. 

He has penned articles for several reputed publications and is a regular expert guest on business news channels. He is also a visiting faculty, sharing insights at some of the top Indian business schools. 

Ramesh’s forte lies in delivering business growth in dynamic and changing markets through adept navigation of situations and empathetic leadership, traits which have earned him the position he holds today.

Ramesh Nair

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